Mission / Vision

MorningStar Missions Vision Statement: MorningStar/CMM has over 500 missionary leaders in the field around the world under our covering. Some of these have been used to raise up hundreds of churches under them, as well as schools, orphanages, and relief training bases. Our goal is to add many of the most effective, high-impact missionary teams and base support to this growing and powerful missionary force and to network with other missions to see the Great Commission fulfilled and the gospel of the kingdom preached in every nation.

Because the mandate to “go into all the world” (see Mark 16:15) is not just geographical, we are also raising up missionaries to go into all of the dominant areas of influence in society such as government, business, education, the media, the entertainment industry, sports, prisons, and so forth. MorningStar’s ZAO Life Project has been a vital part of our mission strategy, which has provided and developed many wells and other fresh water sources in Africa. ZAO is now expanding into Haiti, India and South America, as well as providing basic hygiene training for people in remote areas of developing nations. This is vital to the health of a country. Continue reading