Development Plan

Development Plan:

• Construction Phase I: The main 24,000 sq. ft. meeting facility is about 50% complete and has been “dried in.” Phase I will include the completion of the main meeting hall for approximately 750 people, offices, lounge/coffee shop, bookstore etc. on the main floor. Our goal is to obtain the Certificate of Occupancy and begin using the building in December 2012.

• Construction Phase II: Phase II will include the completion of all classroom and situation and communications rooms.

• Construction Phase III: Phase III will include the housing for base instructors, workers and missionary families.

• The MorningStar Missions Base completion will be a project of MS/CMM Missions under the leadership of Jorge Parrott, with the goal of multiplying all resources donated to project by supplementing with donated materials and labor. MFM/MFC elders and members are instrumental in helping raise funds and volunteers. Other volunteers always welcome.

• Financial oversight and funding provided through MorningStar/CMM Missions YOU can share in the blessings of impacting the nations of the earth. The MorningStar Global Missions Base is dedicated to the Lord in helping fulfill the Great Commission impacting individuals, communities, and nations for the cause of Christ and for His glory. We invite you to come and visit us and join with us in prayer, volunteer laborers, building materials, and financial investment.