Special Offering Sunday, February 5

We are going to take up a special offering for the construction of the Mission Base this coming Sunday.

  • Progress has been made in a number of areas… Which is all paid for:
  • The walls have been primed and painted
  • The floor has been scrubbed clean of all dirt
  • The plumbing fixtures have been ordered
  • The bathroom countertops have been installed
  • The entire grid ceiling has been installed.
  • All ceiling lighting has been installed in both bathrooms and some hallways
  • The duct work has been installed in both bathrooms
  • The fire protection system has been installed
  • 2 heat pumps and 2 furnaces have been installed on the top portion

What we need to do next is to finish the ceiling installation with the lights and duct work, install the plumbing, the bathroom partitions, and doors, grade the outside, pour concrete for a sidewalk with handicap parking, replace the 3 outside double doors, and a few other odds and ends…

Please prayerfully consider what can be given for this project… and come down and see the incredible progress.

A special thank you to our volunteers for their hard work… Significant money has been saved because of them.

MissionsBase Update June 2014

By Jorge Parrott

We want to thank all our friends and Partners who have been praying for the completion of the church and missions building in West Meadows. After years of waiting on the Lord, trusting him to complete the good work he began, economic downturns, and much spiritual warfare, we are seeing the “light at the end of the construction tunnel.” It is all by the grace of God. The vision of many from the time of the Moravians who first settled here to Rick Joyner and the MorningStar family spreading the Gospel to the nations of the earth from Moravian Falls has brought us to this time of acceleration. Now is the time.

A sincere thank you to all our friends and partners for their generous giving and pledges which helped with this latest surge in activity. So many like-minded people share this global vision along with friends and residents of the Moravian Falls community. Many have been obedient to the Lord over the years in relocating and settling in at the Falls to see the glory of God go forth from this special place with the Moravian trumpet calls sounding loudly once again with a fresh urgency. Continue reading

Mission Base Update April 1, 2013

by Jorge Parrott

Progress continues at the Moravian Falls Missions Base. The new road is almost complete and it will help protect the privacy and wear and tear of the road serving the West Meadows Community neighbors, many of whom moved here following the ‘cloud of the Lord’ in preparing for the Great Harvest to come. New folks continue to move into the area with great anticipation of what the Lord will do here.

We thank our generous partners for their great prayers and generosity in building this place of prayer and worship for all nations that will be training thousands in the years ahead to go into all the earth with the Good News of Jesus Christ. Continue reading

Mission Base Update: Mid-July 2012

We want to give you an update on the progress of the construction of the Morningstar Missions base building.

As a result of very generous donors and volunteers we have been able to rough in all of the plumbing systems. We are approximately 50% completed on all of the interior framing of the walls. All of the materials have been purchased and we anticipate completion of the framing in another three weeks. We are starting next week on the electrical system rough-ins and the heating and air conditioning rough-ins as well.

The construction of the building is moving along nicely again. A huge thank you to all that have volunteered and donated time and money. It has been and will continue to be a big blessing. Thank you for being a part of helping to make this missions base vision a reality.