Mission Base Update April 1, 2013

by Jorge Parrott

Progress continues at the Moravian Falls Missions Base. The new road is almost complete and it will help protect the privacy and wear and tear of the road serving the West Meadows Community neighbors, many of whom moved here following the ‘cloud of the Lord’ in preparing for the Great Harvest to come. New folks continue to move into the area with great anticipation of what the Lord will do here.

We thank our generous partners for their great prayers and generosity in building this place of prayer and worship for all nations that will be training thousands in the years ahead to go into all the earth with the Good News of Jesus Christ.The Wilkes MorningStar Church will have a permanent place to worship here and also share this beautiful facility with MorningStar Missions and our schools for training radical missionaries and Special Forces teams along with Apostolic Teams. Rick Joyner often speaks about training high impact ‘force multipliers’ who can really go and impact and impart to the nations the heart of the Father and fulfill the prophetic destiny of many nations making disciples of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

We have reached a new plateau of the progress because almost all of the funds on hand have been depleted in erecting the steel stud interior walls, setting in place the huge electric panels, electric rough-in, and plumbing rough in.

Some of the building codes have changed since the original design plans were approved a few years ago and the costs of steel have risen due to these changes and the course of time and inflation. We are thankful for the improving safety these changes will bring in having a long standing, stronger building for God’s purposes as we enter the times of the coming Great Harvest.

Many teams from MFM and MFC members and churches have come and offered invaluable donated skills and labor. We are now at a critical juncture where licensed contractors must do the work to pass local building inspection requirements. These cost money.

We are gathering resources and designing curriculum for training this up and coming missionary force and if you know of books and training material that can be added to our line up please contact the Missions Dept at 803-802-5544 ext 392 or email missions@morningstarministries.org . Recent photos of the road and ongoing construction inside the building can be viewed at http://missionsbase.eaglemissions.org .

Will you pray for the completion of this project’s first phase and pray about sending in your investment to help us in reaching the nations through the writing and teachings of Rick Joyner and MorningStar? Those who stay behind receive the same blessings as those on the front lines. We invite you to stop by the Moravian Falls Missions Base when you are in the area to see what the Lord is doing in this beautiful place during this crucial and urgent season of preparing for the great harvest soon upon us.

We pray you have a blessed and merry Christmas and that 2013 will be a year of your greatest advancement and breakthroughs in your entire life…until 2014 that is, and every year your glory will shine brighter and brighter.